I am an occasional contributor to media outlets, writing on Australian politics and foreign relations for Danish news magazine RÆSON. In January 2020, I was interviewed on the Danish national broadcaster’s current affairs programme, Deadline, about Australia’s climate change policies.

Articles (in Danish)

Article on Australia’s adoption of a net-zero emissions target, and why the decision has been so hard fought — and means so littleNov 2021
Article on Australia’s climate change policies, and the political debate about what role Australia should play relative to other countriesAug 2019
Article on Australian parliamentary elections, and the instability that has characterised Australian politics since 2010May 2019
Interview with senior fellow John Watts on the geopolitical and security challenges facing western countriesDec 2018
33-årige australske Nick Ford lærte dansk i lyntempo og flyttede hertil: The story of how I came to move to DenmarkSep 2018
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