I am passionate about education, and enjoy the chance to teach and advise students.

My teaching assignments at Lund University currently include:

  • 2021–: Environmental history from an economic perspective
  • 2022–: Research design, methods and data collection
  • 2022–: Human capital in a historical perspective

In addition, I conduct econometrics labs for master’s students, helping them to think through challenges associated with empirical studies in their thesis projects.

I have been appointed by Denmark’s Ministry of Higher Education and Science as a censor (external examiner) for economics courses at Danish universities.

I have previously served as an instructor/tutor in various bachelor’s courses.

  • 2019, 2020: Macroeconomic analysis (University of Southern Denmark)
  • 2019: Methods in dynamic economics (University of Southern Denmark)
  • 2008: Principles of microeconomics (Monash University)